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80% of girls have suffered street harassment

Eight out of ten girls between the ages of 15 and 25 confess to having been harassed, intimidated or humiliated on the street or in public spaces by men who make advances or attack their sexual freedom with looks, whistles, chases, comments or similar behaviour. This is confirmed by a study by the NGO Plan International, a work financed by the European Commission and carried out with the help of researchers from the Open University of Catalonia.

But the most terrible thing about the investigation is that it reveals that Spanish society impassively attends to humiliating behavior. 90% of the young women who confessed to being harassed in the street explained that they did not receive any help, support or support from the people who witnessed them being disrespected and even frightened.

As many as one in five participants in the ‘Safer Cities for Girls’ project said they normalize these behaviors themselves. They assume them as something inevitable and that they must endure, as something unpleasant and habitual in a macho society. Plan International’s research, carried out in Spain with almost 900 young people from Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, aims to x-ray the reality of this street scourge, but also to create digital maps of the safest and least safe points for young people in each city.

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