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75,000 electric motorcycles circulate in Spain

The electric motor gains presence in Spain, also in the two-wheel sector: 74,705 electric motorcycles circulate in the country. This is one of the conclusions drawn by the report Two-wheeled vehicles by engine type.

2020 data recently prepared by Somos Seguros, the insurance culture disclosure initiative, in collaboration with ANESDOR and TIREA. According to this study, there are currently 40,057 motorcycles, 17,440 mopeds and 17,208 scooters that move through Spanish streets and highways using an engine other than a combustion engine.

That is, by means of electric motors. These units represent 2.24% of the two-wheeler fleet. Electrified motorcycles have a special presence in the largest cities in the country, those with more than half a million inhabitants, due to traffic jams and parking problems.

These vehicles make up 2.91% of the local fleet of two wheels. But battery-powered vehicles are also popular in larger towns. Those where there are reasonably long distances to travel, but where public transport is not abundant.

That is, municipalities with between 10,000 and 50,000 inhabitants. In this environment, electric motorcycles account for 2.65% of the two-wheel fleet. The province that has, in relative terms, more motorcycles and mopeds that do not emit gases is Madrid (5.43% of the park). They are followed by Barcelona (3.27%) and the Balearic Islands (2.65%).

An analysis by municipality places, on the other hand, the city of Barcelona as the capital of the ecological motorcycle in Spain: 5.78% of the units that swarm through this town move thanks to electricity. In the city of Madrid this type of vehicle represents 2.14%. Palma occupies the third position, with another 1.96%. Little by little, kilowatts replace cubic centimeters as a reference measure to evaluate a motorcycle.

Fleets are playing a prominent role in this transition. Currently, half of the electric motorcycles and mopeds in the country belong to companies. Mainly, to home delivery companies and rental firms. The most common drivers of these vehicles are men.

Specifically, they drive an electric motorcycle on nine out of 10 occasions. Of course, something happens with motorcycles that does not happen with electric cars. While plug-in cars are usually owned by people with gray hair and more purchasing power, electric motorcycles are for all ages.

It is true that, in the case of mopeds, those over 65 have a clearly higher weight than other generational cohorts. But motorcycles and electric scooters appear as mobility alternatives for everyone. From the youngest to veteran drivers.

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