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63,000 more policies in Tarragona since the start of the cuts

The most critical assure that it is a cause-effect, a dynamic of communicating vessels that has meant that, in almost a decade of cuts in Health, the affiliation to private health has skyrocketed. The truth is that, judging by the data, in the period 2011-2021, the mutuals have gained more than 63,000 subscriptions in Tarragona, according to the Unespa balance.

It is an increase of 39% in ten years, going from about 163,000 to more than 227,000. This inertia has coincided in time with snips at the Department of Health that began around 2011 and that caused notorious mobilizations of both the health workers and the population in general. Cuts and freezing exercises in health have marked the last few years. Then there was some repair, so the pandemic surprised when the investment had not yet been recovered.

The analysis in perspective also shows the incidence of the pandemic. 2020 was the year with the greatest increase, with more than 16,000 insurances carried out in just one year. Less pronounced was the balance in 2021, after the second year of the pandemic: 9,000 new affiliations in Tarragona, which also represent one of the highest statistics.

Argimon’s Warning

Professionals have denounced the underfunding of the system’s budget, especially in areas such as primary care. The Minister of Health of the Generalitat, Josep Maria Argimon, has recently warned that not investing in public health can generate an increase in the contracting of private policies and thus lead to “a polarized system” that would especially affect the most vulnerable people. .

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