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60% of midwives trained in Tarragona leave the province

60% of the midwives trained in Tarragona in the last three years have gone to work outside the province, as reported by the Official College of Infermeres of Tarragona (CODITA).

Of the twenty midwives trained in Tarragona, only eight have remained to work in the province and, in addition, in the next four years 17 (17.34% of the collegiate) will retire and the places will not be filled, according to CODITA.

At the level of all of Catalonia, of the 67 nurses who have specialized as midwives, only 22 work in the autonomous community.
The member of midwives of CODITA, Gemma Martínez, has indicated that the Ministry of Health “does not offer the necessary places”, but that these are fewer and fewer: “In 2011 there were 458 and in 2022 there were 420.”

All this means that there are not enough midwives and, in fact, the ratio of midwives per thousand inhabitants forecast for 2022 in the OECD countries is 0.32 midwives, while in Spain the forecast will be almost half, 0 .18, although the real one could be even lower.

“Few Catalan nurses decide to do the specialty,” says Martínez, due to “the lack of nurses in the labor market, the mileurista salary or the lack of specialty supplements.”

Midwives, apart from maternity, also assist adolescents, perform gynecological check-ups, offer contraceptive advice, care for sexually transmitted infections and sexual health training, among others. Although they can also prescribe, Martínez criticizes that “the ministry has not yet defined” the medications that they can prescribe.

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