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35 years carrying the foc day to l’Hospitalet de l’Infant

35 years amb dèria de foc. The Ball de Diables de l’Hospitalet de l’Infant celebrates this year 2022 the 35th anniversary of its creation and with a follow-up of new acts that have come up with ideas because they started and continued with the cultural calendar and festival of the municipality. The celebration took place after two years of pandemic that have reduced the spectacles of focus, but the entity has profited from updating and organizing for the first time a Colla Jove that has included a fortnight of devils between the 8 and the 17 years

This new section, which is going to introduce the year 2020 but it is not going to start acting at the end of the year, responds to the clamor that there was between the young people of l’Hospitalet and now brings a new embranzida to the entity, which currently adds to the voltant of 55 active members among the youngest devils, the Colla Vella and the Colla de Tabalers.

The birth of the Ball de Diables de l’Hospitalet de l’Infant is going to begin in the year 1986 between a group of neighbors and neighbors from the locality who will detect the need to create their own group of devils. In 1987, the entity was constituted and it is officially batejava both a correfoc to l’Hospitalet that will compete both the Ball de Diables de Tarragona with godparents.

Initially, the colla només comprised a group of devils who wore lilac and black clothing. A design that is going to replace cap in 1997 with the current treatments that rain the traditional colors of the devil balls of the Baix Camp. Amb el temps, it is also going to incorporate the Colla de Tabalers, which for many years will be integrated into the Foment Cultural, but since 2014 it is part of the Diables Ball mateix.

Currently, the colla exceeds more than thirty performances throughout the year. The two darrers, however, the entity has profited from the obligatory stop due to the covid for the duration of a series of material repairs. “We are going to try to donate the return to the situation and take advantage of the time and the budget that we are not going to have to allocate to the sorts to update all the clothes, repair the maces of the devils, fer nous ceptrots…”, explains the president of the Ball de Diables of l’Hospitalet de l’Infant, Raúl Hidalgo. Tot i that this is confident in recovering full normality, the board is already working on the calendar of the year that it sees, how much they will share both sortides each month of the year.

Abans, however, have a 2022 gunpowder cart to celebrate the 35th anniversary. «In lloc de fer a special day concentrated in a single day, we preferred to espaiar the celebration with various acts to the llarg de l’any that tinguin the seva presentation in this anniversary, but what is puguin to maintain the llarg dels anys», affirms Hidalgo .

This month of April, the entity is going to pose in Marx the first edition of the exhibition Cremant el món del foc, a show that aims to delve into the history of the món del foc dins of Catalan popular culture through d’elements originals de diverses entitats. On this occasion, the exhibition will include material from the Ball de Diables de l’Hospitalet, the Cavallet de Mar from Foment Cultural and dels Diables del Perelló Foc a la Metxa.

Cultural Day to June

Looking ahead to the month of June, another of the novelties that the Ball de Diables has prepared for its 35 years will arrive. It is the tract of a Cultural Day, both dates and location to be specified, which aims to become a German day of the associatiu del poble, with shows, workshops and shows to the care of the different local entities.

Another of the plats forts de l’aniversari will be the first Nit del So de l’Hospitalet, a percussive troupe to the càrrec of the Colla de Tabalers. Així mateix, the colla will also incorporate various novelties during the Sant Joan correfoc and during the Nit del Foc de la Festa Major de Sant Roc, an event that will also serve as the official bateig of the Colla Jove de l’entitat.

Also, on the occasion of its 35th anniversary, the Ball de Diables has also updated its logo, has launched a collaboration campaign with the local commercial fabric and is creating a new web page that will see the light soon.

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