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29 complaints in TGN in the special device of Holy Week

Within the framework of the special surveillance operation for the Easter holidays launched by the Cos d’Agents Rurals in the counties of Tarragona and Terres de l’Ebre, a total of 797 inspections have been carried out and 29 complaints filed .

Of this total, the largest group of actions are those related to camping, an area where 150 inspections and 11 complaints have been made. The inspection of motorhomes and caravans to spend the night in unauthorized areas has involved 81 inspections and 12 complaints. And the inconvenience to animals for ignoring access limiting indicators has generated 13 inspections and 4 complaints.

For motorized circulation, 11 inspections and 2 complaints have been made. A total of 112 actions have been carried out to regulate the flow of users, 89 for activities in recreational areas, 22 for activities in bathing areas and 59 for the flow of vehicles.

Fire risk prevention actions stand out with 101 inspections for cooking near forest or agricultural areas and 74 for making recreational fires.

Sports activities in protected places have generated 51 actions, and fishing 34 inspections.

Despite the high number of actions due to public influx, there have been no crowds or major problems and the general balance is that the public of natural spaces, in general, has respected the environment.

Between April 15 and 18, the Cos d’Agents Rurals has maintained a special operation to monitor and control protected natural areas to ensure compliance with regulations and their preservation. For this reason, more than 200 members of the body have worked throughout Catalonia, focusing efforts especially on more than 50 parks and natural spaces.

The device has focused on carrying out preventive surveillance to facilitate access to natural spaces in a controlled and safe way for people, ensure fire prevention, and that camping activities and motorized circulation are carried out properly.

In addition to ensuring that leisure and tourist activities are compatible with the protection of the landscape, flora and fauna, care has also been taken to ensure that agricultural and livestock activities are not harmed.

The device has had the support of a helicopter and surveillance boats.

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