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2022, the year of weddings

Màrius and Georgina form a couple from Segur de Calafell who will say ‘I do’ on June 10 at Castell de Tamarit. Getting to that long-awaited day for any wedding couple has not been easy. The path has been difficult and tortuous due to a pandemic that we have had to suffer for two years.

In the summer of 2019, when we hardly imagined what would come to us the following year, Màrius (ICU doctor) and Georgina (nurse) marked August 15, 2020 in red on the calendar as the first date for their wedding. . “We were very excited and we began to move all the preparations ahead of time. From the place –the Castell de Tamarit–, to the invitations or the clothes”, recalls Màrius, who does not forget that “on March 13 I bought my wedding suit and just the next day the state of alarm was decreed . I don’t remember ever having such a busy weekend in my life. We began to realize that the covid thing was more serious than we thought.

With everything arranged (wedding venue, photographer, flowers, clothes, even some invitations already distributed), Màrius and Georgina began to see as the weeks went by that the situation was getting worse. In April they already had it clear and decided to suspend the wedding. «We canceled everything and we were lucky that they saved the payment for a large part of what we had contracted. The trip cost us a little more, but in the end we also got our money back”, explains Màrius. The wedding was canceled, but without a new date because “being the two toilets we saw that things were very bad and that it would go a long way,” says the groom. It was not until after the summer of 2020, once the second wave of covid was over, that the couple dared to set a new date: October 16, 2021. Màrius admits that “we did it without much faith, even more so when after Christmas things got worse again.

Between wave and wave they reached the summer of last year, when Màrius and Georgina postponed their wedding again, this time to June 10, 2022. Màrius acknowledges that the situation ended up affecting them, “especially Georgina, but as we were toilets we had to act responsibly. Starting to plan the wedding was very exciting, but in the end it became a suffering. Now, with the link just around the corner, Màrius acknowledges that “we are excited, but it is not the same as the first time. In the end what you want is to get rid of her. In addition, we are waiting until the last minute to decide whether to do it outdoors or not, if we will do antigen tests on the guests or if we will have to wear a mask to avoid contagion. It will depend on how the situation is at the last moment.

full of work

Màrius and Georgina’s will be one of the many weddings to be held in 2022 in the province of Tarragona. After two years with marriage bonds and their celebrations practically stopped, the sector recognizes that it is already at the top of a job that will last until October.

In the Pronovias store in Reus they explain to the Diari that «2020 was very weak. The drop compared to 2019 was 25%. We had a wedding in April and May and for Sant Joan, but not much. In 2021 a small improvement was noted in relation to 2020, and in this 2022 we have returned to the business level of 2019, approaching normality. More or less half are brides who had postponed the wedding in these two years of pandemic, but the other half are brides who have set a date for the first time.

Sergi, a photographer from S.Morris Produccions in Salou, defines this 2022 as the year of the «authentic wedding boom and for 2023 even more is expected. 2020 and 2021 were very silly years. In 2020 everything was canceled and we did about six or seven weddings. In 2021, things moved a little more, but with restrictions (masks, no open bar, etc.) and all this pushed many couples back, who decided to postpone the wedding. Despite this, we did about 15. And by 2022 we will already be at our normal figures of about 30 weddings a year. He thinks that we are not only dedicated to weddings, but that it is one more branch. We also make corporate videos, etc… which these two years has allowed us to get along».

If a sector is also noticing that weddings have returned with great force this 2022, it is that of restoration. Hotels and restaurants, so affected by the restrictions of the pandemic, saw the last two years how an important source of income also disappeared. Jeroni Castell, owner of Restaurante Les Moles de Ulldecona and vice president of Events Banquets of the Associació d’Hostaleria de la Provincia de Tarragona (AEHT), explains that «the wedding season has started early and will end late. At the beginning of April we have already done some and we have all the weekends full until October, even some in November. We have even improved the 2019 figures, although this does not compensate for the damage of 2020, which was ruinous, and 2021, which improved but well below the normal 2019 figures.

One of the consequences of the postponement of the wedding has been the rise in prices, especially in recent months due to the rise in fuel prices. Regarding this aspect, Jeroni Castell comments to the Diari that «the situation is what it is. There are couples who could have gotten married in 2021 but decided to postpone it to 2022 when they understood that they wanted to do it in another situation, without any restrictions. It is a personal decision and if a year later prices have risen it is not our fault. What is clear is that we cannot work with the prices of the year 2020 because otherwise it would be a loss. People understand it because the situation is what it is. We must not forget that none of us has affected all the inflation in the final price of the product, because if not the increase would be even greater.

At AG Planning Grup, which, among other spaces, manages the weddings of the Castell de Tamarit, Marta Prats explains that “2019 was a very good year in terms of weddings and the forecasts for 2020 were excellent, but the pandemic arrived and threw everything to the fret. 40% of the weddings we celebrate at the Castell de Tamarit are international, which is why all of them were canceled during the pandemic. Thus, 2020 was a disastrous year, we did a few weddings but very few. In 2021 we did not even reach 40% of a normal year and many were weddings that had been postponed in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Thus, we plant ourselves in a 2022 where «we will do more than 100 weddings only in the Castell de Tamarit, some of which have also been postponed due to the pandemic. We will break records. People really want to celebrate and fortunately we are in a new stage, says Marta Prats, who nevertheless points out that “although this year we have a lot of work, we cannot lose the point of view that we have to break a lot of stone and not forget that These two years of pandemic will not recover.

Another sector benefited by this resurgence of weddings is that of hairdressers. María del Mar, owner of the Creative Reus center, comments that “now I am combing brides who should have gotten married in 2020. Saturdays are the most common day, although I am also combing many brides on Fridays, because there are many weddings on this day. because better prices have been found in restaurants. Many even come to do their hair for the wedding with their baby because in this waiting time they have not wasted time (laughs)».

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