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2.6 million to acquire the Parc del Bon Repòs de l’Ametlla de Mar

The land in the Parc del Bon Repòs de l’Ametlla de Mar will definitely be municipal property. The City Council expropriates an area of ​​11,500 square meters -500 more than the initial agreement-, to the best of the municipality, through an agreement between the owners. The agreement resolved a historical process of negotiations, litigations and disputes that will begin fa gairebé 15 years. The owners of the Bon Repòs will receive in installments: 600,000 euros in guany and 400,000 euros per year for the next few years. The consistory has occupied the space since 2011 but the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) is going to annul the agreement and the Calero City Council is expected to pay the cost of the expropriation “of cop and judicial order » I also have an additional 20% for having occupied the land.

The mayor, Jordi Gaseni, has assured that the agreement between the owners of the land of the old Bon Repòs hotel resolved a “punxeguda” question, which required “many economic resources”, but that it was one of the “repeats” that they will take at the beginning of the mandate.

The expropriation agreement, which Gaseni has qualified as a “darevit”, will cost the municipal treasuries 2.6 million –more than the 600,000 euros that the owners are already going to pay in 2011-.

Is that the process because these lands continue to be municipal property will begin in 2008 when the Pla d’Ordenació Urbanística Municipal (POUM) is drafted. By 2010, an agreement will be signed between the landlords, who will charge for the cessation of the activity of the Bon Repòs hotel and for some urban laws. They could build a hundred dwellings in the area of ​​the park and more than 230 apartments in a discontinuous area, which is created by Marina Sant Jordi – and which meant the transfer of cap to other areas of the 300-story building planned in the previous general urban plan.

Urbanisme is going to take over the operation at Marina Sant Jordi in 2016 -the discontinuous relationship between two urban sectors was not accepted-, and the TSJC, starting a contentious resource of the veïns, is going to annul the agreement because it is intended to build in an area qualified by equipaments.

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