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123456 and Password are still the most used passwords

The most used passwords when it comes to protecting access to internet services and social network profiles continue to be combinations of correlative numbers or letters and words from the dictionary, such as 123456 or password, according to the Catalan Dades Protection Authority (APDCAT).

As reported by the entity, the risk involved in using this type of combination is that attackers use lists of common passwords, which they test automatically, for which a password that is not very complex increases the risk of unauthorized access. to personal accounts.

Coinciding with World Password Day, the APDCAT has launched the campaign Safe Data and has published two informative animated videos, with tips for building secure passwords and managing them correctly to prevent the theft of personal data.

The campaign, in addition to passwords, will focus on aspects such as multiple authentication systems, ‘phishing’ (identity theft, especially in email), ‘smishing’ (sending an SMS by a cybercriminal pretending to be a legitimate entity) or mobile security, among others.

The first videos published explain the characteristics that passwords must have to be secure and difficult to crack, and offer tools to detect possible leaks and easily manage the large volume of credentials that are generated.

The videos will be available on the APDCAT website, they will be disseminated on social networks and, at the same time, they will be made available to the Department of Education, so that they can be made known through the Xarxa Telemàtica Educativa de Catalunya (XTEC).

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